Assistance for Blind Children (ABC) has honored Husniara Huq (Posthumous), Past President of ABC.

Date Published: 2 March, 2022


Last Updated: 2 March, 2022

After founding Assistance for Blind Children (ABC) on 2nd April 1978, numerous philanthropic organizations, embassies of different countries located in Bangladesh, and dedicated people have assisted in various ways of running ABC. ABC honored some individuals and philanthropic organizations at different times through the “Irwin Award”. This is the first time ABC has taken the initiative to honor 6 dedicated members of ABC. This event was held on 19th February 2022 at ABC Head Office (67/A, Indira Road, West Rajabazar, Dhaka-1215 on the occasion of the 44th Annual General Meeting of ABC. Late Husniara Huq, Past President of ABC, is one of them.

Vice President of ABC Mr. Md. Rubayet Hossain conducted the award ceremony event and Mr. Data Magfur, Life Member of ABC, presented the brief biography of Husniara Huq (Posthumous).

Husniara Huq (1929 - 2019) was the daughter of the late Sir Azizul Huque and Kaneez Khatoon. Her father was the second Muslim Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University and Education Minister of the Undivided Bengal. She was the wife of late Azizul Haq, President of ABC, and held many important posts in the government and non-government entities. She was a faculty in the English department of Dhaka University. Besides her professional life, she was involved in various social and human development organizations, namely the Rotary, UCEP, ASA, Human Development Foundation, and many more. She joined ABC on April 9, 1997. She became the General Secretary in 1999 - 2000 and was President in 2017 -2018. Husniara Huq was a devoted soul for ABC and dedicated herself to the welfare of the organization. This majestic lady passed away on 12th June 2019. ABC is deeply saddened by her sudden demise and remembers her association with fondness and gratitude. This is a very small recognition on part of ABC to show our love and respect towards her gracious association and contribution to ABC. On behalf of her, Mrs. Pia Afreena Khaleda Huque, daughter of Late Husniara Huq received a crest.