Last Updated: 19 March 2017

Assistance for Blind Children (ABC) was founded on 2nd April 1978, with the motto, “A future for every blindchild-give sight back to those who can recover it and dignity to those who can not”; is dedicated to change the livelihood status of visually impaired children of Bangladesh.

Seven friends observed that while there were some facilities for eye care for the adult, there was hardly any for the poor children. So they decided to do something for these neglected children and formed ABC. The seven founding members were:

  1. Dr. Michael H.K.Irwin, President, the then Country Representative of UNICEF inBangladesh
  2. Mr. Habibullah Khan, Vice President
  3. Mr. Nurul Islam Khan, Secretary
  4. Mr. A.B. Siddique, Treasurer
  5. Mr. Monsur Ahmed Choudhuri, Assistant Secretary
  6. Dr. Rabiul Husain, Member
  7. Mrs. Salma Khan, Member

Organization’s Mission & Scope:

  • Educate the Visually Impaired children up to 18 years by supplying necessary Braille education materials; provide residential accommodation, tuition fees, stipends for day-scholars and medicines as and when required.
  • Provide support for eye treatment to the children including surgical intervention free of cost to restore their eye sights.
  • Ensure mental and cultural development of the V.I children and create appropriate recreational facilities for them within limited resources.
  • Mapping of children/persons V.I beyond age 18 through comprehensive surveys. Impart basic rehabilitation training for rehabilitation of rural V.I persons through linkage and networking.
  • Develop data base of V.I children/persons for the future.
  • Arrange seminars, workshops, training for awareness building, blindness prevention and rehabilitation of V.I children/persons.